Meet some of our Special Friends!

Carol Channing
Our friend Carol Channing with Dug and Carol Lamb after a performance at West Port Playhouse,1988.
Kay Ballard
A happy visit with Kay Ballard while at the Muny.
Peggy Hopkins
Peggy Hopkins, our favourite librarian from Greensboro, AL, is presented with several puppet book additions for the Greensboro West school library.
Don Daddouo
Dug with our friend Don Dadouo from the Daddouo Studios. He provided all the dinosaurs and fish for the T-Rex restaurants.
John Schuck
Actor John Schuck with Dug and Marvin the Moose.
Richard Sherman
Dug having a chat with our friend Richard Sherman on a visit in Las Vegas.
Alex Karabell
Alex Karabell and Dug with the waltz couples from a 2009 performance at the Old Court House.
Riley Chute
Our intern for 2007, Riley Clute, with Charlie and Dug.
Pat Krehbiel
Fred the Clown chats with Pat Krehbiel between shows at the Kansas City Crown Center.
Pat krehbiel
Pat and her newest friend, Barney the bear, had a great time together at the Crown Center 2011 Puppet Fest.