Lively, imaginative entertainment for the whole family!

Marvin, Charlie & Susie
In a time of video games, violent cartoons and toys that play all by themselves, it’s reassuring to see your kids enjoying an ancient art like puppetry. At Kramer’s, when the lights go down and the music plays, the audience seems to come alive along with the puppets!

One of the longest running on-site puppetry theatres in the U.S., Bob Kramer’s Marionnettes has been enchanting audiences of all ages for more than 45 years.

The stories are wholesome, old-fashioned tales like “Peter and the Wolf”, “Hansel and Gretel”, and “Toyland”.

The productions are humorous and entertaining at every age level. They will appeal to everyone’s imagination, and provide a fascinating few hours of illusion and enlightenment.

The Prince & Beauty
Five new productions are created and performed each year in the theater that adjoins the Kramer Marionnettes workshop. The regular staff presents up to twenty-five puppets during these shows.

In the demonstration before each show, visitors can see the process of puppet building.

It takes about 1,500 hours of exacting work to bring each puppet to life. The head and limbs of the puppets are hand-carved from wood. The costumes are often made of velvet or brocade, trimmed with sequins, rhinestones and metallics.

Each marrionnette is a unique, museum-quality piece.